Joe Teacher at Anthony's Music Retail, Music Lesson and Repair NSW


Commencing singing at the age of five with the school choir, Joe’s love of music and vocal ability has afforded him a successful career in performing with some of Sydney’s biggest rock cover bands over the past twenty years. Growing up with musicians in his family, Joe has an extended wealth of musical knowledge spanning from piano, drums, guitar and vocal. Specialising in developing your vocal abilities, Joe’s approach resonates from his own experiences from performing live and will assist you to develop different vocal techniques to suit your voice along with ear training and pitch control along whilst guiding you to gain more confidence and stamina.


Singing is a way for people to express themselves, and for many singing has become an exciting hobby, a lucrative profession, or even a way to reduce daily stress. Whether you’re new to voice or a gifted vocalist, we have the classes that will catapult you to the next level of your vocal journey. For over 40 years, Anthonys Music has been supporting students of all ages and skill levels as they learn to find their unique voice. We offer private singing lessons as well as tuition for all instruments. In addition to offering private singing lessons in Liverpool, we provide Australians with the opportunity to take group ensemble classes and private lessons on all instruments to include voice, piano, bass, guitar, drums, ukulele, and the violin. Also, there are many exciting opportunities for our students to participate in public performances such as our popular and fun school concerts. Our students are young and old; from toddlers who attend morning music classes before preschool, to adults who come after work to relax and jam on their favourite instrument. We also offer professional singing teachers who are gifted instructors with a natural appreciation for learning and a love of music. Our dedicated professional teachers are chosen based on their experience level and teaching ability. When you’re ready to give professional singing lessons a try in Liverpool, give us a call on (02) 9602 4243 and let us help you embrace the world of music. Whether your musical interests are country, pop, rock or classical, our format from kids to adults gives you the tools to reach your greatest potential. In addition, all our vocal students receive basic instruction in music theory, something neglected by many voice teachers. The choice is yours: sign up for traditional private one on one lessons. The rise of singing-competition shows on television has seen an increase in children (and adults) wanting to take up singing lessons. Singing is an enjoyable past time that is rewarding whether you wish to learn for competitive reasons, or just as a hobby. As one of our students, only you will know how far you wish to take your singing skills. Some students have natural talent while others need to work harder. Either way, our singing teacher will be able to coach you and further develop your skills, no matter what level you are at. From learning scales and practising correct breathing techniques to singing in-tune and overcoming performance nerves, singing lessons can help you get from “Do Re Mi” to recording your first CD! Release your inner (singing) voice and contact us today.