About Us

Anthonys Music has been servicing & repairing musical instruments in Western Sydney for more than 30 years. From amplifiers to instruments we can get the job done!

Here are some brands that we service:

Fender, Soundcraft, Akg, Gretsch, Marshall , Ashton , Rocktron, Ovation, Laney, Korg, Tama, Badcat, Zoom, Ampeg, Orange, Ludwig, Boss, Hofner, Mesa Boogie, Lp, Ibanez, Line 6, Lag Guitar, Kurzweil, Dunlop, HiWatt, JBL, Bad Cat, Gibson, Pioneer, Crown, Mark Bass, Music Man, Pearl, Digitech, Eden, Peavey, Bogner, Roland, Tanglewood


Guitar Repairs

Bass Repairs

Drum Repairs

Violin Repairs

Amplifier Repairs

Cable Repairs

Electronic Repairs

Luthiers Services


Electric, Acoustic, Classical or Bass - Single String$10 + String
Electric Guitar - STD BRIDGE$50 Inc. Strings
Electric Guitar - FLOATING BRIDGE$60 Inc. Strings
Acoustic Guitar$50 Inc. Strings
Classical Guitar$50 Inc. Strings
Bass Guitar$30 + Strings
12 String Guitar $40 + Strings
Violin or Banjo$30 + Strings
Mandolin$40 + Strings


INCLUDESSet Harmonics, Intonation, Adjust Action, Adjust Neck, Oil Fingerboard and Fret Polish.

Electric Guitar$80 Strings Inc.
Electric Guitar with Floating Bridge$90 Strings Inc.
Acoustic Guitar$80 Strings Inc.
Classical Guitar$70 Strings Inc.
Bass Guitar$50 + Cost of Strings
12 String Guitar $70 + Cost of Strings


Single Output Jack Replacement$40 + Part
Single Pot Replacement$40 + Part
Single Pick Up Selector Switch$40 + Part
Full Rewire To Be Assessed & Quoted
Pick Up(s) Installation$40 Per Pick Up (Passive)


Nut Installation Plastic (Does Not Include Guitar Setup)$30 + Parts
Nut Installation Bone (Does Not Include Guitar Setup)$50 + Parts
Bone Nut Shaping (Does Not Include Guitar Setup)$70 + Parts
Machine Head Installation (Does Not Include Guitar Setup)$30 - $60 + Parts
Strap Pin(s) Installation$15 Parts Inc.


Reskin Drum Head & Tune $30 + Parts
Reskin Drum Kit & Tune $90 + Parts
Once customer is notified (verbally or written) complete/finalized repairs will incurr a $10 pw storage fee AFTER 4 Weeks of given notice.
All Non Instore Repairs require $120 deposit (non-refundable) deposit covers Freight + Quote. Deposit comes off Final Repair Price.