Get to Know About Anthony’s Music Repair and Services

For over three decades, Anthony’s Music has been providing Western Sydney with premier musical instrument servicing and repairs. No matter the instrument or amplifier, our experts possess the knowledge and skill to do the job efficiently and effectively. Plus, our highly-skilled technicians are equipped with various tools and equipment.

At Anthony’s Music, our goal is to deliver superior services that exceed customer expectations. Our team uses advanced tools and methods to diagnose and repair problems with your musical instruments, so they perform at their peak performance. At Our Company, we take great pride in our attention to detail and customer satisfaction. As a well-established name in the music industry, we understand the necessity of providing reliable and prompt customer service. Anthony’s Music offers competitive pricing, quick turnaround times and personalised services tailored to meet your requirements. Whether you’re a professional musician or just starting, our goal is always to provide the highest level of service possible. For reliable musical instrument servicing and repairs in Western Sydney, look no further than Anthony’s Musiccontact us today to book an appointment or learn more about our instrument repair & services!

Experience Quality Repairs and Maintenance for Your Musical Instruments

At Anthony’s Music repair & services, we take pride in providing top-notch care for a diverse range of leading musical brands. Our experienced technicians offer expert attention and support for popular instruments, such as Fender guitars, Marshall amplifiers, Korg keyboards, and more. From classic brands like Gibson and Ludwig to modern favourites such as Line 6 and Roland, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your musical equipment stays in top condition.

You can trust us to handle your musical instrument repair needs with precision and care. Our commitment to quality service ensures that your instruments receive the attention they deserve, so you can enjoy playing them to their fullest potential. Choose us for reliable repairs and maintenance that keep your instruments sounding their best.

Here are some brands that we service:

Fender, Soundcraft, Akg, Gretsch, Marshall, Ashton, Rocktron, Ovation, Laney, Korg, Tama, Badcat, Zoom, Ampeg, Orange, Ludwig, Boss, Hofner, Mesa Boogie, Lp, Ibanez, Line 6, Lag Guitar, Kurzweil, Dunlop, HiWatt, JBL, Bad Cat, Gibson, Pioneer, Crown, Mark Bass, Music Man, Pearl, Digitech, Eden, Peavey, Bogner, Roland, Tanglewood.



Electric, Acoustic, Classical or Bass - Single String$10 + String
Electric Guitar - STD BRIDGE$50 Inc. Strings
Electric Guitar - FLOATING BRIDGE$60 Inc. Strings
Acoustic Guitar$50 Inc. Strings
Classical Guitar$50 Inc. Strings
Bass Guitar$30 + Strings
12 String Guitar $40 + Strings
Violin or Banjo$30 + Strings
Mandolin$40 + Strings


INCLUDESSet Harmonics, Intonation, Adjust Action, Adjust Neck, Oil Fingerboard and Fret Polish.

Electric Guitar$80 Strings Inc.
Electric Guitar with Floating Bridge$90 Strings Inc.
Acoustic Guitar$80 Strings Inc.
Classical Guitar$70 Strings Inc.
Bass Guitar$50 + Cost of Strings
12 String Guitar $70 + Cost of Strings


Single Output Jack Replacement$40 + Part
Single Pot Replacement$40 + Part
Single Pick Up Selector Switch$40 + Part
Full Rewire To Be Assessed & Quoted
Pick Up(s) Installation$40 Per Pick Up (Passive)


Nut Installation Plastic (Does Not Include Guitar Setup)$30 + Parts
Nut Installation Bone (Does Not Include Guitar Setup)$50 + Parts
Bone Nut Shaping (Does Not Include Guitar Setup)$70 + Parts
Machine Head Installation (Does Not Include Guitar Setup)$30 - $60 + Parts
Strap Pin(s) Installation$15 Parts Inc.


Reskin Drum Head & Tune $30 + Parts
Reskin Drum Kit & Tune $90 + Parts
Once customer is notified (verbally or written) complete/finalised repairs will incurr a $10 pw storage fee AFTER 4 Weeks of given notice.
All Non Instore Repairs require $120 deposit (non-refundable) deposit covers Freight + Quote. Deposit comes off Final Repair Price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Anthony’s Music Repair and Services NSW

How long does it take to get an instrument repaired at Anthony's Music Repair and Services?

The turnaround time for repairs at Anthony’s Music Repair and Services can vary depending on the type and extent of the repair. However, we strive to provide fast and efficient service and will typically provide an estimate of the repair time when you bring in your instrument.

Can I attempt to repair my guitar myself instead of going to a repair shop near me?

It’s generally not recommended to attempt guitar repairs on your own unless you have experience and knowledge of guitar repair techniques. Attempting to repair a guitar yourself can lead to further damage and potentially make the repair more expensive. It’s best to leave guitar repairs to the professionals like Anthony’s Music.

How do I schedule an amplifier repair appointment?

To arrange an amplifier repair appointment in Liverpool, NSW, contact us or come by our shop. Our technicians will inspect your amplifier and give you a quote as well as an estimated timeframe for repairs. Our goal is to offer fast and efficient services, so your amplifier is back up and running quickly.

How do I schedule an amplifier repair appointment?

To book an amplifier repair appointment at our Liverpool, NSW shop, you can call or visit us. Our technicians will assess your amplifier and give you a quote as well as an estimated timeframe for repairs. Our goal is to offer swift and efficient services so your amplifier is back up and running quickly.

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