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The ukulele is a great little instrument that, when taught by the right teacher, can be lots of fun. In fact instead of learning the recorder, most schools are switching to the ukulele. The ‘uke’ as it’s commonly called originates from Hawaii and is part of the guitar family. The uke is slightly easier to learn than other instruments (such as the piano and guitar) making it a great first instrument to learn. Ukuleles are light to carry, fairly inexpensive to purchase and can provide a good, basic introduction to music lessons. Anthony’s Music School offers different levels of tuition for the ukulele. As one of our students, if you have never played a uke we would start you in beginner’s lessons. If you already know how to play a stringed instrument, then we would probably try a more intermediate lesson. As one of our students you will learn how to hold and tune your uke as well as how to play and change chords comfortably before heading into more complex areas. If you wish to get strumming and play that peaceful Hawaiian music from your ukulele then contact us today to find out which lesson package suits your needs.


Among stringed instruments, the ukulele is simple yet provides a fantastic sound. Because of that, it’s no surprise that so many people are interested in learning how to play this instrument. The ukulele is quick to learn (especially if you have previous experience with another stringed instrument), and with ukulele lessons in Liverpool, you’ll have all you need to play all your favourite tunes, as well as begin creating your own compositions. There are just a few things that you need to know before you decide whether ukulele lessons are right for you. You don’t need to have plans of becoming a professional musician to take Ukulele lessons. Liverpool residents can enjoy lessons simply because they want to master a new skill. As already mentioned, the ukulele is a simpler instrument to learn than many others. Many people love the ukulele because it can so easily be brought out at parties for a quick jam session, while those who already love singing may want to learn it so they can have a little accompaniment for their voice. If you’re interested in ukulele lessons in Liverpool, whether it’s because you want to pick up a new skill or because you want to build up your musical repertoire, you can do so at Anthonys Music School. In addition to the ukulele, you can work on your voice or learn a variety of other instruments such as the drums, guitar, violin, or bass. Contact us today to learn more.