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Have you ever felt inspired to learn piano? Do you want to understand the theory behind music? Piano is a great choice for those who are passionate about music. Learning the piano is fun because students can progress rather fast. Let our experienced piano teachers show you the way. It’s More Than Just Music When it Comes to Piano Lessons Piano lessons offer all of us a chance to do much more than learn how to play one of the most beautiful and complex instruments of our time. Those who can learn to play the piano well have achieved a significant accomplishment. Children and adults who master this very intriguing set of keys can look forward to a lifetime of benefits. Learning to play the piano has some interesting additional benefits. Adults and children who can play even at the beginner levels actually develop a better mathematical comprehension. Those who have been routinely tested have shown an increase in their math skills every year that they stuck with structured piano lessons. Furthermore, adults and students who stayed with their structured piano studies had a higher degree of self reliance, a stronger sense of self esteem, and better reading comprehension skills. It is said that learning to play an instrument like the piano can lead to self reliance because you learn problem solving skills.


Do you want to learn how to play an instrument? Many people desire to play an instrument but put it off because they feel overwhelmed at the prospect. At Anthonys Music, we offer piano lessons in Liverpool and a host of music classes designed to encourage folks to learn how to play, write, and perform music. Whether you’re looking for private piano lessons for kids or seeking a piano teacher for adults, we have the classes to help you reach your musical goals. We offer piano lessons in Liverpool as well as music instruction classes for all age groups. Our goal is to teach kids, teens, and adults how to play music. When it comes to variety, we are proud to offer fun courses and private lessons for piano, guitar, drums, and bass as well as ukulele, violin, and voice tuition. Also, we have a large inventory of instruments for sale, as well as service options for instruments. Our dedicated staff of instructors all have a background in music; some are music school graduates while others are experienced musicians. We offer personalised instruction from those who have a true appreciation for music along with the skill set related to their instrument. Also, our teachers understand the value of a relaxed environment and teach at the student’s own pace. Don’t put off your dream to play an instrument any longer. Come and learn about music from those who love to play, sing, and teach.